Student’s goal shifts from Broadway to local band

Senior musical theatre major Kali Marsh had everything figured out for post-graduation life. She had plans for the Disney College Program, moving to New York City and pursuing a career on Broadway. But after finding a home in Cincinnati-based pop rock band Rosewood Coast, Marsh’s goals have shifted. 

Comprised of five members—guitarist Travis Hack, lead singer Marsh, bassist Mike McNutt, guitarist Zack Sempsrott and drummer John Trygier—the group has been creating music inspired by each members’ wide range of creative influences.

Marsh attributes finding her voice to listening to Celine Dion in high school and, more recently, Lizzo. Sempsrott credits artists like John Mayer and Trygier named the 1975 as a main influence. Other significant artists include The Weeknd, Paramore, Kings of Leon, Wildermiss and other alternative rock bands. Their blend of diverse music taste has meshed together to create a unique sound that can’t be found elsewhere.

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