Our story

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Born to perform


Rosewood Coast’s musical Odyssey began at a small Presbyterian church in West Chester, OH, where bandmates Zack Sempsrott (Guitar), Travis Hack (Guitar), and Michael McNutt (Bass Guitar) spent their Sunday’s playing music together for worship services. Prior to Rosewood’s formation in September of 2017, Zack, Mike, and Travis formed a trio known as “Midwest Epic”, with Zack on drums and Mike taking on the role of lead vocalist. The groups classic rock n’ roll roots shone through on the trio’s original music, producing several rock anthems that oozed energy and raw power. Following Midwest Epic’s run at the Madison Band Challenge, the trio decided to take the band in a new direction, recruiting Mike’s daughter, Kaitlynn, to be the band’s new front-woman.

Now a 4 piece, the band looked set to return to the stage, but the group’s decision to bring drummer Zack Sempsrott up behind the mic for guitar and backing vocals left the new unnamed project without a drummer. After auditioning and recruiting local drummers that fit the group’s unique tastes and experiences, the band settled on John Trygier, who had just returned home from a summer tour with the Blue Stars Drum and Bugle Corps, and was then a member of another project featuring Zack on guitar. Zack recruited John to audition at what would soon be Rosewood Coast, and the rest was history. Starting as a Jazz drummer, John was trained as a classical percussionist through his high school career, and performed as a rudimental percussionist with the Marching Art’s in both WGI and DCI. Having found their 5th member, the project began rehearsing together officially in September 2017, deciding on the name “Rosewood Coast” based on the lyrics to a song written by Travis Hack.

Since all the members of the group had played with at least some of the other members at one point or another, the group fell together with ease and began immediately producing original music and cover songs. The band’s wide age range and musical tastes beautifully bridged the divide between old and young, drawing on a love of everything between Zeppelin and the Weeknd. With such a variety of influences, the music the band started producing was laced with energy and musicality, supported by the bands strong backing vocalists, and dominated by a love of melody.

The band released its first single, “With You”, in the fall of 2017, and released its second single, “Junebug” in January of 2018. The juxtaposition of these two songs helps demonstrate the vast range that Rosewood Coast displays in their songwriting. “With You” features understated verses and a powerful melody, driven by the vocal line throughout. “Junebug” alternatively, is an energetic contemporary alt-rock jam

, heavily influenced by the driving dance-pop energy of alternative groups such as WALK THE MOON, Young the Giant, and Kings of Leon. The group released their first album, “Wisdom in the Waves” in March 2019, and shortly after, Kaitlynn McNutt and Rosewood coast parted ways due to creative differences. Following the split, the band recruited Kali Marsh, a musical theatre student at Northern Kentucky University, who had known the drummer, John, in high school. The group felt she was a perfect match and immediately brought her on board, playing their first show together on July 19th at MOTR pub in Cincinnati, Ohio.

(Left, bottom to top: Kali Marsh, Travis Hack, John Trygier.                       Right, bottom to top: Michael McNutt, Zack Sempsrott)

(Left, bottom to top: Kali Marsh, Travis Hack, John Trygier. Right, bottom to top: Michael McNutt, Zack Sempsrott)